How We Do It

In the vast world of retailing, branding and global manufacturing, we collect and develop promising ideas from their sources, with our demand discovery data technology and supply chain platform. We find and help suppliers who can provide good quality products at competitive prices to our overseas consumers.

We develop our products and digital brand portfolios in four verticals: apparel, auto parts & accessories, home & garden and MRO (maintenance, repair & operations). After thorough testing and quality control of the products sourced from our suppliers, they are offered to consumers and business customers worldwide in multiple e-commerce channels. We manage order fulfillment via various shipping channels and logistic service providers. Our business greatly leverages on our in-house IT department throughout the entire value chain.

Our operations with over 700 staff based in Hong Kong and China with linkage to our oversea warehouses have served over 50 million customers since 2004. We offer over 400,000 products and sell over 30,000 items day, connecting more than 500 suppliers to the global e-commerce demand 24/7.